And so it begins….

I’ve dabbled in the world of blogging before. I generally make it to about 3 posts and then lose interest. We’ll see how this blog turns out! I really do enjoy writing as long as it’s for pleasure and as long as I don’t start taking it so seriously that I labor over what I’m going to write about. That takes all the fun out of it!

Since I’ve started my yoga training in September, I’ve really been doing a lot more thinking, a lot more note-taking, both on life in general and life as a yogini in training. I wish I had actually started this  a little earlier so I could capture progress along the way. The very first yoga teacher training class we had, I remember the teacher telling us that even if we got through the program and didn’t end up teaching, we’d still have an amazing personal journey. At the time, all I could think is, “of course I’m going to teach!!” But, I sort of figured I’d peaked on the personal journey part of things and that all that was left was that I’d have a lot more knowledge of asana and theory to show for it. Oh, how I was wrong. 3 months in and there have been tremendous personal changes. I suppose I’ll leave more of those observations for future posts!

Enjoy and namaste!