Missing in Mexico (and missing Mexico!)

Courtyard in San Angel, Mexico City...an oasis of loveliness

Courtyard in San Angel, Mexico City…an oasis of loveliness

Holy moly! It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated my poor lonely little blog! I have no good reason except life kinda got in the way (as it tends to do…) I went to Mexico in February to celebrate my brother’s birthday and visit a friend. Oh, the city is so very lovely. Sure, there’s quite a bit of graffiti and a little bit of wear and tear, but the buildings! and the parks! Love. I have dubbed Coyoacan my “new favorite place in the world.” There’s a zocalo there, surrounded by lots of lovely restaurants and outdoor seating and we planted ourselves for a good few hours, enjoying the mild summer-like weather, the people-watching, and of course, some tequila. I could’ve stayed there for the rest of my life and died happy.

Renee + tamarind margarita in Coyoacan = VERY HAPPY RENEE

While I was sitting there, I realized I was really having a yoga moment! Sure, I wasn’t practicing asana, but I was FULLY present. I wasn’t thinking about the past or the future. I was feeling the air on my skin. I was letting my eyes take in the color, the movement. I tasted that tangy-sweet tamarind margarita and the salty-crunchy queso fundido con chapulines. I had great conversation and lots of laughter and couldn’t imagine anything else. It was beautiful. Who knew I would find a moment like that in a city of over 20 million?

If you can find presence there, you can find it anywhere.

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